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Control your van sway with

AL-KO ESC brake systems


In addition to our huge range of AL-KO tow hitches, suspension and brake products, Newcastle Caravan Repairs also offers total supply and installation of our industry leading sway control system—the AL-KO ESC.

AL-KO ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is designed to reduce van sway by creating set parameters and automating the van brakes when sway exceeds them. This helps to control sway and keep you and other road users safe.

At Newcastle Caravan Repairs, we customise and calibrate each ESC system to suit your individual van, this ensures the system can accurately detect excessive sway and will react in the correct manner.

These cost-effective systems are ideal for all driving conditions and are great for improving swerve manoeuvrability in all weather conditions.

Want to know more? Contact our Cardiff office today to find out more about our range of AL-KO ESC systems and their other products.

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