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Newcastle Caravan Care Specialists

Ensure your caravan gets the care it deserves with help from the friendly team at Newcastle Caravan Repairs.  Our team has an in-depth understanding of what is required to properly care for most makes and models of caravans, and we excel in providing an affordable service that’s second-to-none.

Want to know more about how to care for your caravan or the services we can provide? Contact our Cardiff office or browse through some of our most commonly asked questions below.

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Caravans are constantly exposed to the harsh Australian weather and road conditions, so require a little extra TLC.

Regular maintenance means your van is always ready for spontaneous holidays and safer on the roads.

We inspect for water leaks and minor damage that may overtime may develop into expensive issues. We work on all brands and models of caravans.

Call Newcastle Caravan Repairs today to discuss your needs.

  • Drain the toilet including the extra water reserved for flushing, water tank & any other water storage systems

  • Turn the taps to open to allow them to release any pressure resulting from difference in temperatures.

  • Invest in a caravan cover to protect it from the weather conditions

How to store your caravan if you won’t be using it for awhile:>


Hot Water Anode

The anode in your hot water system is a sacrificial rod which is designed to corrode over time, (instead of your hot water system tank). The anode should be replaced every 12 months (depending on use).


Tyre Pressure

Just like your car, having the correct tyre pressure is important to avoid blowouts and extend the life of your tyres. We recommend checking your tyres pressure at least 24 hours prior to heading off on holiday.


  • Shade Walls

  • Curved Roof Rafters

  • Anti-flap kits

  • Deflappers

  • Tie-downs

  • Privacy screens


Safety Chain

Before you tow your caravan anywhere, don’t forget to check the safety chain. It should easily reach the towbar chain hook and look out for signs of corrosion or cracks where it attaches. Ensure your D-shackles are rated to the weight of your caravan.



  • Stabilizer kits

  • Mirrors

  • Hatches

  • Jockey Wheel

  • Couplings


Prevention -Reduce costly repairs

  • Caravan covers

  • Spare wheel covers

  • Hot water anodes

  • Plumbing fittings & Tubing 

  • Brakes & bearings



  • Electronic stability control

  • Weatherproof speakers

  • Reversing cameras

  • GPS Tracking

  • LED Awning light strips

  • Internal & external lights

  • Solar panels



  • Clearview Mirror

  • Diesel Heaters

  • Small appliances

  • Fans

  • Air Conditioning

  • Refrigeration

  • TV/Media Equipment

  • TV brackets


Cleaning Products

  • Thetford toilet cleaning capsules

  • Awning cleaner

  • Water tank cleaner

  • Black streak remover

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